5 June

Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy is intended to explain what startlearningrussian.com does with your information.


What type of information does startlearningrussian.com collect and how is it used?

We may collect information about you is personally identifiable information, such as, your name, country, e-mail address, age, sex and other. This information is collected to make a legal contract for services and create proper curricula.


What information do we share and with whom?

startlearningrussian.com does not rent, lease, redistribute or sell customer information to anyone.


Does startlearningrussian.com use cookies?



What Information does eLecta Live (our software provider) gather from the virtual sessions and are they recorded?

Mainly for security reasons while attending a virtual session they gather and store your IP address, the timestamp and time zone of your computer, OS version information, browser details. They also store some cookies on your computer.

There is no need to record the virtual sessions automatically. We may choose to record your live sessions. In this case the recorded sessions are kept in files their servers.