5 June

Return policy

We return money by wire transfer for each lesson not provided, less a bank transfer commission of $30.00.

Below you could see an extraction from the contract (a non-public offer) about the refunds.

9. Grounds for and procedure of the termination of the Contract

9.1. The Contract may be terminated by the agreement of the Parties as well as on the initiative of one of the Parties upon written request.

9.2. In the case of the unilateral termination on the Client's initiative, the Client shall have the right:

9.2.1. To refuse to execute the Contract and to request compensation for the termination of the Contract (see 9.2.3).

9.2.2. Not to specify the reason that impelled the Client to terminate the Contract.

9.2.3. In the case of the non-fulfillment or improper performance of the Contractor's obligations under this Contract, the Client shall have the right to make demands on the Contractor about the repayment of his money in the amount equal to the sum of the obligations unfulfilled by the Contractor, with deduction of the amount of cash transfer fees.

9.2.4. The period of refunding the outstanding obligations to the Client upon termination of the Contract amounts to 30 calendar days.

9.2.5. The refunds shall be effected by bank transfer.